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2021 Endowment Books

ADAIR COUNTY MILITARY FAMILIES—"Being an active citizen serving in the Military” by Alexander, “Military Service” by Chang.

AMERICAN LEGION MacDOUGALL LOWE POST NO. 20 KIRKSVILLE—"Veteran’s Day” by Flynn, “What does a member of the Armed Forces do?” by Townsend, “Celebrate Memorial Day” by Ferguson, “U.S. Army Equipment and vehicles” by Husted, “U.S. Special Operations Forces Equipment and Vehicles” by Pagel.

JENNIE GREENSLATE BARKER (Aunt of Jo Scott)—"No Nibbling!” by Ferry.

STEVE BARTEAU FAMILY—"The Tale of the Whale” by Swann.

JOHN & JANE BARTLING—“Spectacular Spreads: 50 Amazing food spreads for any occasion” by Brown, “Chez Bob” by Shea, “Usha and the Big Dipper” By Knight, “Look Grandma! Ni, Elisi” by Coulson, “The Power of the Thank You” by Meyer, “Game Night Cookbook: snacks, noshes, and drinks for good times” by Scott-Goodman, “Move: how the new science of body movement can set your mind free” by Williams, “Let’s get Physical: How women discovered exercise and reshaped the World” by Friedman.

JOHN BATCHELOR—“The Churchill Sisters: The Extraordinary lives of Winston and Clementine’s Daughters by Trethewey.

LOLA G. BELL—"The Horsewoman” by Patterson.

PAT BORROK—"Gib*ber*ish” by Vo.

JACK BRANSCOM—"’64 Cardinals: a team, a season, a showdown for the Ages” by Tieman
ALVINA BRITZ—“Collective Wisdom: Lessons, Inspiration, and advice from women over 50” by Bonny.

MARK & DIANE BURGER—“The library fish” by Capucilli.

CHARITON LABORATORY SERVICES—“Aaron Slater, illustrator” by Beaty, “What Isabella Wanted: Isabella Stewart Gardner builds a museum” by Fleming, “Little Wonder: The Fabulous story of Lottie Dod” By Abramsky.

BRUCE & CAROL COLLIER—"Three sisters” Audiobook by Morris, “Wish you were here” Audiobook by Piccoult, “Midnight Lock” Audiobook by Deaver, “Reminders of Him” Audiobook by Hoover, “Sister Stardust” Audiobook by Green, “Edgewater Road” Audiobook by Gray, “The Lady’s Mine” Audiobook by Rivers, “The Bluebonnet Battle” Audiobook by Brown, “Violeta” by Audiobook by Allende, “The Wish” Audiobook by Sparks, “Lighthouse on Moonglow Bay” Audiobook by Wilde, “Summer at the Cape”Audiobook by Thayne, “Nightwork” Audiobook by Roberts, “The Horsewoman” Audiobook by Patterson, “The Diamond Eye” Audiobook by Quinn, “The Baxters” Audiobook by Kingsbury, “The Girls who stepped out of line” Audiobook by Eder, “Beautiful” Audiobook by Steel, “The Family you Make” Audiobook by Shalvis.

VAUNCILLE EITEL—"Smitten with Kittens” by Minor

TRAVIS FREEMAN—“Wild Design: Nature’s Architects” by Ridley.

FRIENDS OF THE ADAIR COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY—"Baking for the Holidays” by Kieffer, “Perfectly Pegasus” by Sima, “Hey! A colorful mystery” by Read, “So you want to build a library” by Leslie, “What will I do with my love today?” by Chenoweth, “Princess Unlimited” by Weinstein, “Friends”by Sosa, “Three Strike Summer” by Schrempp, “Beginner’s guide to colorwork knitting” by Austin, “180 Patchwork Quilt Blocks by Koseki, “ 10-minute Sourdough: breadmaking for real life by Kimbell, “Gardens of the world: a celebration of the world’s most amazing gardens”, “Just another Love Song” by Winfrey.

GENERAL ENDOWMENT—“Tomatoes for Neela” by Lakshmi

EMIL & PAT GREEN—"”Bob Ross’ Happy Little Night Before Christmas” by Pearlman, “Pablo Picasso” by Sanchez Vegare, “Wildcat: the untold story of Pearl Hart, The Wild West’s most notorious woman bandit” by Boessenecker, “Dream Street” by Walker.

DWIGHT & JUDY HART—“Petal the Angry Cow” by Fergus.

DR. TERESA HECKERT—“Love always: My wife’s courageous battle against Triple-negative breast cancer” by Corrigan.

HECKERT  FAMILY— “Blur: How did we get here so fast?” by Le

PAUL & GLENDA HUNT—“The one bowl baker: Easy unfussy, recipes for decadent cakes, brownies, cookies, and bread” by Simmons, “Lulu and Zoey: a sister story” by Finison, “Life on the Mississsippi: an Epic American Adventure” by Buck.

EDWARD & MARIETTA JAYNE—“Poppy Harmon and the Backstabbing Bachelor” by Hollis.

KIRKSVILLE ROTARY CLUB—“Lore of the Bambino: 100 great Babe Ruth Stories” by Weeks, “The Bald Eagle: The improbable journey of America’s bird” by Davis, “The taking of Jemima Boone: Colonial settlers, tribal nations, and the kidnap that shaped America” by Pearl, “Construction Site: Road crew coming through!” by Rinker, “Eyewitness: Dinosaur” by Lambert, “The Happiest Man on Earth: The beautiful life of an Auschwitz Survivor” By Jaku, “Hamsters make Terrible Roommates” by Klein.


KIWANIS CLUB OF KIRKSVILLE--"Daddy Daughter Day” by Freelon

GILBERT & MARY JANE KOHLENBERG—“Rosie the Riveter: the legacy of an American Icon” by Duojack, “Lightning Down: A World War II story of survival” by Moser, “The Betrayal of Anne Frank: a cold case investigation” by Sullivan, “A House built by slaves: African American Visitors to the Lincoln White House” by White

MARK LAUGHLIN—“I want an apple: how my body works” by Harrison.

TOM LAUGHLIN—"A mouthful of Minnows” by Hare.

TOM & LINDA LEHMANN—“Gladys the magic Chicken” by Rubin, “Fallen Creed” by Kava, “Cars! Cars! Cars!” by Weant, “Targeted” by Hunter F. Hunter, “Kingdom of Bones” by Rollins, “Cat Problems” by John, “Mucky Truck” by Paquette, “The Homewreckers” by Andrews, “Murder on Madison Square” by Thompson.

MARIAN LEHR— “Someone to Trust” by Davids, “The Magic Hug: a story about emotions” by Kuo.

RICH MCKINNEY---“Frist notes of Spring” by Kulekjian.

DR. RICHARD & BESS MERCER—“All about Birds: Midwest: Midwest, US and Canada”, “Wild Irish Rose” by Bowen, “Blood Grove: An Easy Rawlins mystery” By Mosley.

CATHERINE MOTTER—”The First Time Gardener: Raised Bed Gardening” by Calikim”, “A Friend Like You” by Murphy.

SHANNON & JANE MUIR—“Dark Night in Big Rock” by Johnstone, “Ride for Justice, Ride for Revenge” by Griffin.

HERMAN JAMES NETTERFIELD — "The Seasonal Gardener: Creative Planting Combinations” by Pavord, “Saving my enemy: How two WWII Soldiers fought against each other and later forged a friendship that saved their lives” by Welch.

WILLIAM & EVA JANE NOE—“City on Fire” by Winslow, “ The Welcome Chair” by Wells, “The Longest Storm” by Yaccarino, “Summer at the Cape” by Thayne.

FRANCES P. NORMAN—“100 Great American Parks” By Pearson.

CLAYTON & ODESSA OFSTAD—“In the Clouds” by Mackay, “Hello, Star” by Lucianovic, “Castles and moats: insurance, investment, and life planning simply explained” by Carden

HAROLD & BECKY OSBORN—“The Midwest Survival Guide: How we talk, love, work, drink, and east…everything with Ranch” by Berens, “Floret Farms: A year in Flowers” by Benzakein, “Red Sky Morning: the Epic True Story of Texas Ranger Company F” By Pappalardo, “A Dark and Stormy Tea’ By Childs, “The Violent Storm” by Johnstone, “Fenris and Mott” by Van Eekhout.

DR. CHARLES & SHARON PRITCHARD--- “Ultimate guide to Furniture Refinishing and Repair” by Hingley.

JOSEPH RESSNER—“Red Warning” by Quirk

CATHY RETHMEIER & FAMILY—“Stella keeps the sun up” by Ewing. 

EARL E. ROGERS, INC.—“Amara’s Farm” by Brown, “Where’s my Cow” by Blackaby, “Devil’s Ride West” by Nix, “Stanley the Farmer” by Bee.

MARGARET ROGERS TRUST—“2021 Christmas with Southern Living”, “Southern Living 2021 Annual Recipes”, “We Want Snow: A Wintry Chant” by Swenson, “Waiting for Mama” by Marino, “Celebrate with Babs: Holiday recipes and Family Traditions” by Costello, “ Christmas in the Cottage” . 

JOYCE ROLLINS— “This Book is not for You!” by Hale.


J.  MARK SCEARCE— "Blue Baboon finds her Tune” by Docherty.

MICHAEL SCEARCE—” Horse Power: How Horses Changed the World” by Thermes.

JOHN & JACKIE SETTLAGE—“Kinfolk Travel: Slower ways to see the World” by Burns, “ Becoming Forrest: One Man’s epic run across America” by Pope, “The Universe and You” by Slade, “Our Planet: There’s no place like Earth” by McAnulty, “We are Better Together” by McKibben, “Belly Fat Blasters for Seniors” by Walhrer.

SOJOURNERS CLUB—"Jane Austen’s Table” by Anderson, “Bevan: a well loved bear” by Brown, “I love you like Yellow” by Beaty, “Call us what we carry” by Gorman, “Containers in the garden” by Dalby, “A bear to share” by Alba, “ The Goody Toy” by Child, “The Liz Taylor Ring” by Janowitz, “Disturbing the Peace” by McCauley, “No Ordinary Dog: my partner from the SEALS Teams to the Bin Laden Raid” by Chesney, “Rivals” by McGee, “That’s Debatable” by Doll, “Lily and the night Creatures” by Lake, “The Elephant Girl” by Patterson, “Best Wishes” by  Mlynowski, “Dadaji’s Paintbrush” by Sirdeshpande.

WAL-MART FOUNDATION—“Holding on” By Lee.

JEANNE WILSON—“Bloomsbury Girls” by Jenner.

MARGARET WINKELMAN—“An Unexpected Amish Proposal” by Good

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